Tickets are required for admission to this benefit event.

Venue space is limited and future ticket availability is not guaranteed.


Minimum payment per ticket is $35.* Please consider making a small donation to this benefit event with your ticket purchase.

100% of proceeds, after event costs, benefit

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)


Montanans for Limited Government (MFLG)


*For children under 12, ticket purchase is appreciated but not required.

Payment can also be made by check or mail order, addressed to:

Rally for Freedom

P.O. Box 20562

Billings, MT 59104.

(Just please be sure to include your name, phone number, and email address, so that we can send you an electronic ticket for admission.)

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to the Terms and Conditions below.


Terms and Conditions

The above information will be kept private and used solely for purpose of communicating information about this event. Rally for Freedom, including affiliates and organizers, are not liable for any injury occurring during the event. Rally for Freedom is not registered as a nonprofit, therefore tickets are not deductible as a donation for tax purposes. Tickets are not refundable due to inclement weather or other unforeseeable circumstances. In addition, tickets are not refundable, in whole or in part, due to any speaker's or musician's failure to appear at the event as scheduled. Please contact Rally for Freedom at or P.O. Box 20562, Billings, MT 59104 with any questions or concerns.

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Rally for Freedom

P.O. Box 20562

Billings, MT 59104