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Jacob (Jake) Kitson

Jacob (Jake) Kitson

Jacob Kitson is a father, husband, and army veteran who grew up primarily in central Texas. He has lived all over the country, and in the process has become well versed in the political and cultural diversity of the United States. His passion for liberty stems from many things, first and foremost his faith in The Almighty. He feels all Americans value personal property, peace, and individual liberty.

His reasoning for helping to organize the Rally For Freedom is to promote and spread the message of Liberty in our state and region. "Going beyond party lines Its not just one person we are a collective of peoples and cultures that make America."

Elinor (Ellie) Swanson

Ellie is a wife, mother, and attorney in Billings, Montana, who grew up primarily in Anchorage, Alaska. She believes that personal autonomy, peace, and prosperity are synonyms.

Ellie is excited to help organize the Rally For Freedom because it is a nonpartisan celebration of liberty that puts principles before partisanship. She wants everyone who believes in freedom, regardless of any other aspect of human diversity, to stand up, rally together, and accomplish our shared goals.

Elinor (Ellie) Swanson

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